• ¿Para quién es Mediamano?

    If you have to move a large number of assets and have the need to automate processes, Mediamano is for you. We specialise in designing workflows that streamline your asset movement into, within or out of your production system.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of our system varies depending on the number of engines, modules and licenses. We have two business modeles, one-off payment or SaaS, with a monthly fee.

  • How is Mediamano different?

    Our software is component based, so you only need to buy and install what you need.

  • Does Mediamano require a video server to work?

    No. We can fully integrate with Adobe Premiere so you can edit and render your video files.
    We also have interfaces to existing video servers such as Avid or Quantel.

  • What support does Mediamano offer?

    We have various support plans that range from support tickets in our website to a 24/7 number where a technician will personally assist you.

  • Who uses Mediamano?

    Sky News Australia, ESPN Brasil, Televisa Mexico, and other news agencies in the United States.

  • Is it on-site or cloud based?

    It can be either one.