Hemos juntado módulos y motores para crear soluciones predefinidas para su instalación. Al no ser sistemas cerrados, es posible agregar/quitar módulos según sea requerido.

*El número de módulos y licencias varía por cada instalación.


Sport broadcasters or sport production stations that need to record live sport events via baseband or IP stream, transcode and publish content to different destinations, including social media.

Modules*: Workflow Engine, WebTapper, StreamRecorder, Transcoder, DigitalPublisher.


For an advanced range of ingest tools directly into your newsroom environment.

Modules*: PowerPlus Server, PowerPlus Client, Workflow Engine, WebTapper, ZocoloFolder, ScheduledRecord, Transcoder

MediamanoControl Quality

Automate the launch of quality control or edit jobs using our process manager. We are fully integrated into Adobe Premiere and are able to customize panels to include instructions, QC/Edit marks and launch workflows when the job is completed.

Modules*: Process Manager, WorkflowEngine, Adobe Integration, Adobe Render Farm, ZocoloFolder, Mediateca.

MediamanoDigital Publishing

For automatic and manual publishing of your content to multiple channels.

Modules*: Mediateca, WorkflowEngine, DigitalPublisher, AssetTagger, Transcoder.


Our clients tell us what they need, we build it for them.