We have a range of tools to automate and significantly reduce the human input required to ingest assets into your installation. Rules may be set to trigger workflows depending on the type of file that arrives. 

PowerPlus Client


PowerPlus enables the selection of assets and metadata and deploy workflows for the selected assets. From the PowerPlus interface you can manage workflows, users, servers and visualize running processes, as well as those that have finished – task manager.

Zocolo Folder


A ZocoloFolder is an intelligent watch folder that allows the ingest of media and metadata, with different workflows triggered according to metadata content. The delivery protocol can be: FTP, Aspera, Signiant, CINFS, SMB.

Scheduled Record


This module allows the recording of events to be managed for different ports (SDI) or IP streams.

Scheduled Record view


The WebTapper allows you to download videos from the Internet in the highest quality available, as well as the metadata, and ingest it into your production system. There are more than 20 different sites available to download content from.

Webtapper view
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