Our production/orchestration layer stores and processes digital assets and allows them to be integrated into enterprise and cloud based workflows. Our solutions is fully integrated into Adobe Premiere for Editing and Quality Control workflows.

Asset Tagger


Use the asset tagger to associate tags with media files so that they can be categorized and subject to specific workflows according to their categories.

Workflow Engine


The WorkflowEngine is responsible for managing all of the activities carried out by the various components in the Mediamano system. It records workflow, manages execution and links into a variety of different systems in order to ensure that la communication and progress is correctly managed.

Proccess Manager


Nuestro ProcessManager da completa visibilidad de todos los procesos de Mediamano, de tal manera que puedes saber en qué estado están los assets de tu instalación.

Adobe RenderFarm


Nuestra granja de render permite renderizar proyectos editados en Adobe Premiere en máquinas físicas o virtuales, dejando libre la estación de edición para el siguiente proyecto.

Adobe Premiere


Seamless integration with Adobe Premiere for Quality Control or Edit processes. Customizable plugins and a render farm maximize efficiency.

Adobe Premiere view
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